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Victor Reinz® Certificate of Authenticity: New 'Dana Secure' Label Gives Customers 100% Protection From Counterfeit Products
Dana Neu-Ulm, Germany, is now providing buyers of Victor Reinz® brand products with even more effective protection from product piracy and counterfeits. Product authenticity can be verified quickly and easily thanks to a new 'Dana Secure' label. This comprises a single QR code with an integrated hologram containing a unique digital fingerprint. >> 更多
The Camera's Running: Reliably Replace Integrated Oil Seals With Victoria
Beloved in automotive workshops across the world, the Victoria’s Practical Tips series of videos from Victor Reinz® is getting a new installment. In the latest episode of the passenger car edition, mechatronics technician Victoria gives a step-by-step demonstration of how to remove and install an integrated oil seal in the housing. The video can be accessed free of charge via the Victor Reinz website at and on the Victor Reinz YouTube channel. >> 更多