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Mar 31, 2021 Victor Reinz® Celebrates More Than 10 Years of Being a TecAlliance Certified Data Supplier

Dana’s Victor Reinz® brand has once again achieved the TecAlliance Certified Data Supplier (CDS) standing, marking more than 10 years that the company has maintained the significant automotive aftermarket status.

Aug 16, 2020 100 Years Dedicated to Mobility: Dana Celebrates Victor Reinz® Sealing Technology Anniversary

Dana Incorporated is celebrating the 100-year anniversary of the historic REINZ brand, which was joined with Victor in 1993 to create the well-known Victor Reinz® brand of today. The name REINZ stands for German automotive history. A century ago, Hugo Reinz helped to lay the foundations for one of the largest international automotive suppliers of today. Founded in 1920 in Berlin, at a time when automobiles were still rare on the streets, the former Hugo Reinz GmbH started its first business year.

Aug 13, 2020 Victoria’s Practical Tips:Video Tutorials made by Victor Reinz® – Now for Trucks!

Hot on the heels of its successful video tutorials for passenger cars, Dana is launching a new series specifically for commercial vehicles. The videos demonstrate the proper installation of replacement truck parts from Victor Reinz®. Like in the car series before it, the new series stars mechatronics technician Victoria, hence the title “Victoria’s Practical Tips”.

Mar 16, 2020 Updates in Victor Reinz® Media Pool: Dana Launches Release and Expands its Image Portfolio

In 2018, Dana presented the first version of the company’s proprietary media pool platform with over 18,000 photos and graphics in superlative image quality. This is now followed by a release – with even more and improved functions, as well as additional marketing material. In addition to photos of nearly all Victor Reinz gasket products, the new version also offers promotional images for sales promotion.