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Jun 25, 2024 Victor Reinz® Certificate of Authenticity: New 'Dana Secure' Label Gives Customers 100% Protection From Counterfeit Products

Dana Neu-Ulm, Germany, is now providing buyers of Victor Reinz® brand products with even more effective protection from product piracy and counterfeits. Product authenticity can be verified quickly and easily thanks to a new Dana Secure label. This comprises a single QR code with an integrated hologram containing a unique digital fingerprint.

Jan 10, 2024 The Camera’s Running: Reliably Replace Integrated Oil Seals With Victoria

Beloved in automotive workshops across the world, the Victoria’s Practical Tips series of videos from Victor Reinz® is getting a new installment. In the latest episode of the passenger car edition, mechatronics technician Victoria gives a step-by-step demonstration of how to remove and install an integrated oil seal in the housing. The video can be accessed free of charge via the Victor Reinz website at and on the Victor Reinz YouTube channel.

Oct 17, 2023 From Toyota to Subaru: 800 different Cylinder-head Gaskets for Models from Asia

The aftermarket range from Victor Reinz now lists roughly 800 different cylinder-head gaskets for automobiles from Asia. As such, Victor Reinz® offers the right cylinder-head gaskets and gasket sets for nearly 95 percent of all models made in Asia. REINZ-Dichtungs-GmbH, a subsidiary of Dana Incorporated based in Neu-Ulm, Germany, ranks among the world’s leading suppliers of service parts in this segment. And Victor Reinz is soon to expand its range of spare parts for the Asian market even further.

Jun 19, 2023 Updates from Victor Reinz®: Updated aftermarket product catalog now as PDF in two resolutions

Victor Reinz® has given its interactive product catalogs a fresh update. The interactive PDFs are now available in both high and low resolution for free download. Thanks to this update, all users worldwide now have access to the updated aftermarket catalogues on PDF with thousands of product images in color – even when the internet connection isn’t necessarily the fastest.

Jun 12, 2023 Dana Neu-Ulm awarded with PACCAR Quality Achievement

For the 15th time in a row, Dana Neu-Ulm is honored with the prestigious PACCAR 10 PPM Quality Achievement Award.

Jan 23, 2023 Down to the last drop: The Squeezer Key for REINZOSIL in the tube – on video

REINZOSIL, one of the world’s most successful universal sealing compounds for automotive use, is now even easier to work with from the tube. The new Squeezer Key lets users get every drop of REINZOSIL out of the 70ml tube.

Nov 09, 2022 Customers are more than satisfied: Awards for Dana Neu-Ulm

Dutch truck manufacturer DAF and U.S. parent company PACCAR have commended Dana Neu-Ulm for achieving the target parts per million (ppm) below 10 for the 14th year in a row.

Aug 29, 2022 Significantly More Content and Simplified Shipping: REINZOSIL Universal Sealing Compound now also in the Cartridge

REINZOSIL, one of the world’s most successful universal sealing compounds for automotive use, is growing. In addition to the 70 ml tube and 200 ml spray can, there is now a 310 ml cartridge. Different to the spray can, the cartridge is not a hazardous product and therefore requires no marking at all.

Aug 29, 2022 Pit Stop in Frankfurt: Dana Displays Victor Reinz®, Spicer®, and Glaser® Products Together at Automechanika 2022

Dana will be highlighting its high torque and extreme pressure aftermarket solutions at Automechanika in Frankfurt am Main from Sept. 13-17, 2022. The focus will be on the Victor Reinz®, Spicer®, and Glaser® brands.

Mar 01, 2022 REINZOSIL 2.0 Universal Sealing Compound: Shelf Life doubled, short-term Peak Temperature increased and Sensor Safe

REINZOSIL, one of the world’s most successful universal sealing compounds for automotive use, is being enhanced further. The current formula doubles the minimum shelf life from 12 to 24 months. The short-term peak temperature is being increased from +300 to +320°C. Tests have also confirmed that REINZOSIL is sensor safe.

Mar 01, 2022 News from Victor Reinz® at a Glance: in TecDoc

What’s new from Victor Reinz® in TecDoc? The report function gives Dana customers an overview of all the new Victor Reinz® brand spare parts in TecDoc.

Mar 01, 2022 Premier Data Supplier: Top information and Results for Victor Reinz® Customers searching for Spare Parts thanks to TecDoc

The TecDoc Catalog from TecAlliance is the world’s leading catalog for automotive aftermarket. In it, customers can find spare parts for more than 900 brands and over 160,000 types of vehicles. Dana’s Victor Reinz® brand is currently represented by roughly 17,000 parts in the TecDoc product catalog.

Feb 07, 2022 Updates for Victor Reinz® PDF Catalogs

First presented in December 2021 and, as announced, the first update is already coming out: The new interactive Victor Reinz® PDF catalogs will be updated on a quarterly basis starting March 1, 2022. Dana is replacing all 58 PDFs and putting the new versions with all updates for Victor Reinz brand spare parts online. The new parts are highlighted in blue and marked with the button “NEW.”

Dec 16, 2021 New for Victor Reinz®: Interactive PDF catalogs with product images in color

In response to numerous customer requests, Dana has published once more a PDF catalog for the aftermarket for the Victor Reinz® brand. To be precise, there are 58 interactive PDF catalogs: one comprehensive catalog each for the passenger car and truck segment as well as 42 passenger car and 12 truck brand catalogs. Altogether, the product range comprises 16,500 spare parts of the Victor Reinz brand. The free PDF catalogs are updated quarterly.

Dec 02, 2021 Reinvented: Dana simplifies logistics and assembly of large battery-housing gaskets

The battery housing gasket for high-voltage batteries used in electric vehicles are challenging to transport because of their enormous size, ranging up to 1,400 x 2,500 mm. Dana Incorporated, a leading supplier of components and systems for electric vehicles, has designed a one-piece, foldable solution capable of meeting the safety and durability requirements of light and commercial vehicles.

Oct 04, 2021 Dana Secures Long-term Contract with Bosch to Jointly Develop and Optimize Design and Manufacturing Processes of Metallic Bipolar Plates for Fuel Cell Stacks

Dana today announced that it has signed a long-term cooperation agreement with Robert Bosch GmbH to mass produce metallic bipolar plates for fuel-cell stacks. Dana’s licensed intellectual property will serve as the foundation for the companies to co-develop and co-produce the next generation of metallic bipolar plates and drive excellence across manufacturing processes.

Jun 23, 2021 The Ultimate Discipline: Video Tutorial on Replacing a Truck Cylinder-head Gasket

The 7th episode of the 2nd season of "Victoria's Practical Tips" deals with the ultimate discipline – replacing a cylinder-head gasket. The assembly video produced by Victor Reinz® gives a detailed overview of the critical disassembly and assembly steps.

Mar 31, 2021 Victor Reinz® Celebrates More Than 10 Years of Being a TecAlliance Certified Data Supplier

Dana’s Victor Reinz® brand has once again achieved the TecAlliance Certified Data Supplier (CDS) standing, marking more than 10 years that the company has maintained the significant automotive aftermarket status.

Aug 16, 2020 100 Years Dedicated to Mobility: Dana Celebrates Victor Reinz® Sealing Technology Anniversary

Dana Incorporated is celebrating the 100-year anniversary of the historic REINZ brand, which was joined with Victor in 1993 to create the well-known Victor Reinz® brand of today. The name REINZ stands for German automotive history. A century ago, Hugo Reinz helped to lay the foundations for one of the largest international automotive suppliers of today. Founded in 1920 in Berlin, at a time when automobiles were still rare on the streets, the former Hugo Reinz GmbH started its first business year.

Aug 13, 2020 Victoria’s Practical Tips:Video Tutorials made by Victor Reinz® – Now for Trucks!

Hot on the heels of its successful video tutorials for passenger cars, Dana is launching a new series specifically for commercial vehicles. The videos demonstrate the proper installation of replacement truck parts from Victor Reinz®. Like in the car series before it, the new series stars mechatronics technician Victoria, hence the title “Victoria’s Practical Tips”.

Mar 16, 2020 Updates in Victor Reinz® Media Pool: Dana Launches Release and Expands its Image Portfolio

In 2018, Dana presented the first version of the company’s proprietary media pool platform with over 18,000 photos and graphics in superlative image quality. This is now followed by a release – with even more and improved functions, as well as additional marketing material. In addition to photos of nearly all Victor Reinz gasket products, the new version also offers promotional images for sales promotion.

Jul 28, 2019 Visit us at Automechanika South Africa - Stand OD22 in the Outdoor Area

This year Dana will do it a little differently and have an outdoor stand which will display its comprehensive portfolio of Victor Reinz® sealing products and Spicer® drivetrain parts at Automechanika Johannesburg, South Africa.

May 27, 2019 Dana to Showcase Array of Sealing and Thermal-Management Products at Automechanika Dubai

Dana will display its comprehensive portfolio of Victor Reinz® sealing products at Automechanika Dubai, the largest international trade show in the region for the automotive aftermarket, which takes place June 10-12. In addition to its premium sealing products, the company will exhibit its Tru-Cool® thermal solutions and Spicer® drivetrain parts.

Mar 15, 2019 Dana Invests 13.5 Million Euros, Adds 60 Jobs in Neu-Ulm, Germany

Dana announced that it is expanding its facility in Neu-Ulm, Germany, to address the future challenges of manufacturers of engines and components for e-mobility.

Nov 26, 2018 Dana Launches All-New Mediapool for High-Quality Victor Reinz® Product Images

In response to customer demand, Dana has developed a mediapool platform featuring more than 18,000 high-resolution product photos from its Victor Reinz® brand. The company’s site is now live and offers a searchable, digital media portal for customers and Dana employees across the world to download and share images from the complete Victor Reinz gasket and sealing product portfolio for the aftermarket.

Aug 28, 2018 Replacing a Cylinder-head Gasket: New Assembly Video by Dana at Automechanika

The expert removal of a defective cylinder-head gasket and the successful installation of a new one is a critical discipline in engine repair. Dana will present a new Victor Reinz® assembly video, “Replacing a cylinder-head gasket,” at Automechanika 2018 in Frankfurt am Main.

Jul 27, 2018 Dana to Expand Aftermarket e-Commerce Platform for Customers in EMEA Region

Dana Incorporated (NYSE: DAN) announced today that it is expanding its e-commerce platform,, to support customers in the European, Middle Eastern and African (EMEA) region. The company will feature the platform at Automechanika 2018, Sept. 11-15, in Hall 3 booth G91, alongside its broad range of drivetrain, sealing, and thermal-management solutions for the aftermarket.

Jun 27, 2018 New Quality Standard: Dane Neu-Ulm certified acc. to IATF 16949

Trust is a good thing – certificate-based trust is better. REINZ-Dichtungs-GmbH, a subsidiary of the US-American company Dana Incorporated, is certified acc. to IATF 16949 effective immediately.

Jun 18, 2018 Dana Neu-Ulm - Reinz achieves top suppliers status at AGCO

AGCO Your Agriculture Company has awarded Reinz-Dichtungs-GmbH the “Partner” status for suppliers. The gasket specialist from Neu-Ulm, a subsidiary of the U.S.-American Dana Incorporated company, now belongs to the first three suppliers of AGCO with the highest supplier status. Altogether AGCO works together with roughly 2,000 suppliers.

Nov 02, 2017 Victor Reinz® Transmission Control Plates for Global Automotive Applications

Long-distance highway trips, joyriding on country roads or stop-and-go in city traffic – for modern car transmissions to function reliably there’s a seemingly inconspicuous component which is actually of vital importance: the transmission control plate. Dana Incorporated has optimized the development, application-specific configuration and production of these transmission control plates. The gasket specialist has now become so successful with this product that the production capacities in Neu-Ulm, Germany have expanded to iclude Wuxi, China and planning for expansion into the USA is underway.

Jul 28, 2017 Dana Heads to Inter Cars Expo in Warsaw to Showcase Victor Reinz® Products

Dana will display an array of Victor Reinz® products at the 2017 Inter Cars Expo taking place September 22-24 in Warsaw, Poland. This is Dana’s first year attending the event to network with automotive enthusiasts and display its award-winning products. Inter Cars is the biggest importer and distributor of automotive spare parts for passenger cars and commercial vehicles in Poland. Victor Reinz has been one of the leading manufacturers in the automotive industry since 1909 with the invention of the cylinder-head gasket.

Jul 28, 2017 Dana Aftermarket Showcases Spicer®, Victor Reinz® Brands at Automechanika Johannesburg 2017

Dana will showcase a robust range of Spicer® and Victor Reinz® technologies, including a complete set of driveline and sealing solutions for off-highway, commercial, and light vehicles during Automechanika Johannesburg 2017, Sept. 27-30. The event is South Africa’s leading international trade fair for the automotive service industry, targeting trade visitors from the sub-Saharan Region.

Mar 30, 2017 Dana To Bring Spicer® and Victor Reinz® Driveline and Sealing Products to 2017 Automechanika Show in Istanbul April 6 through 9

Dana, a global leader in highly engineered driveline, sealing, and thermal management technologies, is ready to bring a strong lineup of its products to the 2017 Automechanika Istanbul trade show. The show, Turkey's leading international trade fair for the automotive industry, will take place from April 6 through April 9 at the TÜYAP Fair Convention and Congress Center.

Mar 30, 2017 Dana Announces New Facebook Page for its Victor Reinz® Sealing Product Line

Dana’s Victor Reinz® sealing product line recently began engaging with its audiences in a new way—through Facebook. The new Facebook page was created as a forum for members of the Victor Reinz team to share information about products, brand news, expertise, experiences, and more with their customers and fans worldwide.

Jan 30, 2017 Dana Takes Spicer®, Victor Reinz®, and GWB® to 2017 Automechanika Shows in Dubai and Jeddah

Dana, a global leader in highly engineered driveline, sealing, and thermal-management technologies, is ready to bring a strong lineup of its aftermarket products to the 2017 Automechanika Jeddah and Dubai trade shows.

Jan 22, 2017 Dana Technologies Help Power Award-winning Vehicles, Engines

Dana Incorporated announced today that several of its advanced technologies are incorporated into vehicles and engines that have recently received significant industry accolades. Specifically, its technologies are utilized on the 2017 North American Truck and Utility Vehicles of the Year, the Motor Trend Truck of the Year, and six of the 2017 Wards 10 Best Engines.

Oct 27, 2016 1,000,000 Gaskets: BMW Engines with Cylinder-head Gaskets from Dana

Neu-Ulm, Germany, October 2016. The automaker BMW equips his modular engine unit, introduced in 2013/14, with Victor Reinz® gasket solutions.

Oct 12, 2016 Dana Aftermarket Delights Customers with New Products, Online Catalog at Automechanika Frankfurt 2016

At Automechanika Frankfurt 2016, the world’s leading international automotive trade fair held September 13-17 in Frankfurt, Germany, Dana gave guests who visited their exhibitor booth direct access to their Spicer® driveline and Victor Reinz® and Glaser® sealing premium aftermarket technologies for light, commercial, and off-highway vehicles.

Aug 02, 2016 Dana Aftermarket to Display Victor Reinz® Sealing Products at Automechanika Frankfurt 2016

Dana will be exhibiting at Automechanika Frankfurt 2016, taking place Sept. 13-17, 2016, displaying its extensive aftermarket product portfolio, including Victor Reinz® sealing solutions for light, commercial, and off-highway vehicles. Attendees can view Dana’s premium sealing solutions in booth G91, hall 3.0; previously, Dana’s exhibit space was located in hall 5.0.

Jul 26, 2016 Dana to Directly Sell Victor Reinz® Gaskets to Aftermarket Network in North America

Dana announced today that it will begin selling its original-equipment line of gaskets and sealing products, under the Victor Reinz® brand name, directly to its network of aftermarket customers in North America, effective Nov. 1, 2016. For the past decade, Mahle Aftermarket has held the rights to distribute these gaskets under the Victor Reinz name in North America. Victor Reinz sealing products, engineered and manufactured by Dana, or to Dana specification, are distributed by Dana in all other global aftermarkets.

Apr 05, 2016 Dana Aftermarket finds success with Saudi Arabian market at Automechanika Jeddah 2016

Dana Holding Corporation recently enhanced its commitment to participating in leading aftermarket events by exhibiting at the inaugural Automechanika Jeddah 2016. With its extensive product portfolio on-site, Dana was able to educate attendees on the breadth of its premium aftermarket Spicer® and Victor Reinz® technologies, including driveline and sealing solutions for light, commercial, and off-highway vehicles.

Feb 01, 2016 Dana Holding Corporation Acquires Magnum Gaskets® Business

Dana Holding Corporation (NYSE: DAN) announced today that it has completed the acquisition of Magnum Gaskets®, a U.S.-based supplier of aftermarket gaskets and sealing products for automotive and commercial-vehicle applications. Magnum Gaskets will enhance Dana’s sealing product offerings and complement the company’s Victor Reinz® and Glaser® global sealing brands.

Dec 16, 2015 Dana Aftermarket featuring Spicer®, Victor Reinz® solutions at Automechanika Jeddah 2016

Dana is showcasing its Spicer® and Victor Reinz® aftermarket products at the inaugural Automechanika Jeddah 2016, the latest automotive trade show in Saudi Arabia. To extend its technology reach and develop stronger customer relationships in the Middle Eastern market, Dana will be exhibiting a range of innovative Spicer and Victor Reinz technologies, including driveline and sealing solutions for off-highway, commercial, and light vehicles.

Sep 28, 2015 Dana Announces Redesigned Victor Reinz® Installation Instructions

Dana announced today it has launched a refreshed set of assembly instructions for its Victor Reinz® aftermarket solutions. The Victor Reinz directions have been enhanced to include colorful and detailed diagrams that are universally understood, removing text-heavy instructions and allowing global customers to easily review the installation details.

Jul 22, 2015 Dana Announces Mobile Victor Reinz® Website

Dana announced today it has launched a mobile platform of the Victor Reinz® aftermarket products website. The original Victor Reinz website,, has been optimized for mobile users, allowing customers to easily access up-to-date information through any mobile device.

Jul 22, 2015 Production line for transmission control systems in Neu-Ulm sets new standards

Neu-Ulm, Germany, June 2015. Dana has invested in a new production line for transmission control plates in Neu-Ulm. The gasket specialist will be manufacturing separator plates for the hydraulic control of automatic and dual-clutch transmission systems for the European market at its own facility. The initial serial production for transmission control plates has already started.

Apr 20, 2015 Dana announces new Chinese Victor Reinz® website at Auto Shanghai

Dana announced today it has launched a website specifically designed for Victor Reinz® Aftermarket products in China, Customers in the Chinese market will benefit from targeted information on this new Chinese-language version of the original Victor Reinz website.

Apr 16, 2015 TecDoc connects Dana service parts with the Technical Service Information

Neu-Ulm, Germany, April 2015. The TecDoc service part databases now yield better search and service results for Dana customers. A variety of service parts is now directly linked to the Technical Service Information (TSI), which provides important additional information on manufacturer specifications, repair, and installation. This gives customers all the data and facts on their desired products in one place.

Dec 18, 2014 Reaching high: Dana invests in high-bay warehouse in Neu-Ulm

Neu-Ulm, Germany, December 2014. Dana is expanding its Neu-Ulm location by adding a high-bay warehouse for the Aftermarket division. The new addition is a multi-million euro investment scheduled for completion in October 2015.

Sep 10, 2014 From print to mobile: Dana introduces Victor Reinz® aftermarket catalogs and new iOS tablet app at Automechanika 2014

Neu-Ulm, Germany, August 2014 – At Automechanika 2014, Dana Holding Corporation is presenting its updated Victor Reinz® aftermarket product catalogs as well as launching a new app for iOS, each featuring the full line of car, truck, agriculture, and turbocharger replacement parts.

Sep 10, 2014 Dana is equipping top models with Victor Reinz® gaskets

Neu-Ulm, August 2014. Major automobile manufacturers presented their new top models at the 2013 IAA International Motor Show in Frankfurt. The absolute stars included the Mercedes S-Class S 500 with Plug-in-Hybrid, BMW’s electrifying i8 and i3 models and the Porsche 918 Spyder. All of the world premiers have one thing in common: They run with Victor Reinz sealing technology.

Apr 07, 2014 Dana has linked cylinder-head gaskets and bolt kits in the Victor Reinz® online catalog

TecDoc’s replacement parts databases make it even quicker and easier for Victor Reinz® customers to find the right bolt kit to fit the cylinder-head gasket or head sets they’ve searched for and selected.

Apr 07, 2014 Dana Enables Efficiency, Performance of Award-Winning Vehicles

Technologies from Dana Holding Corporation are enabling award-winning vehicles and engines to operate at peak efficiency and performance. The company's technologies are prominent on the 2014 Motor Trend Car and Truck of the Year, the Green Car of the Year, and six of this year's Ward's 10 Best Engines.

Apr 07, 2014 Neu-Ulm – Dubai – Frankfurt: Meet Dana at the Automechanika 2014

Dana will be exhibiting at twice at Automechanika – the key events for the Automotive Aftermarket.

Dec 18, 2013 A smooth first filling after a replacement: REINZOADD gets turbochargers off to a perfect start

Start-up trouble after installing turbochargers is now a thing of the past. Dana offers a highly dependable additive for initial turbocharger fillings: the synthetic high-performance REINZOADD lubricant. REINZOADD provides a smooth start after the replacement thanks to a combination of additional ingredients and MoS2.

Aug 14, 2013 Updates to the Aftermarket Catalog: Dana updates its product line for service parts

Neu-Ulm, Germany, August 2013. Dana’s Aftermarket team has updated its service parts catalog for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, and agricultural and construction machinery. New items in the product range include gaskets for roughly 300 more engines – from the multi-layer steel cylinder-head gasket to the elastomer intake manifold gasket. This brings the number of engines we list up to over 13,000 and the number of spare parts we offer to well over 15,000.

Jun 12, 2013 Totally compatible: REINZOSIL sealant passes biogas motor oil test with flying colors

The universal VICTOR REINZ silicon sealant REINZOSIL is suitable for gaskets in biogas engines.1 The biogas motor oil used here has no known negative effects on the sealant. And extensive testing has proven it. This expands REINZOSIL’s product range by adding an important field of use.

Jan 25, 2013 More than just a catalog: The Victor Reinz® product line: Simple, fast and APP-TO-DATE

Neu-Ulm, January 2013. Dana is constantly expanding its aftermarket service for customers: The entire Victor Reinz® product catalog, with over 15,000 items, is now available to you as an online catalog at and as an app for the iPhone. The database is linked to more than the TecDoc vehicles and revised and updated every three months.

Dec 13, 2012 Award received for high customer satisfaction in the Victor Reinz® replacement parts business

The customer satisfaction survey conducted this year by the Steinbeis Customer Satisfaction Campaign has yielded more outstanding results.

Sep 17, 2012 From cars to agriculture:The new Victor Reinz® product line for the aftermarket

At the Automechanika 2012, Dana presented the new Victor Reinz® aftermarket catalogs. For the first time, the company also published an agricultural catalog featuring replacement parts for construction and agricultural machines as well as for special-purpose vehicles in road construction. This product line goes back to models from 1950.

Sep 05, 2012 Turbo Quality for the Aftermarket

Customized Victor Reinz® Turbocharger Mounting Kits from Dana

Apr 18, 2012 “Wired” Sealing Technology

Complete Gasket Set for Toyota Hybrids Dana is already equipping two hybrid vehicles with top-quality Victor Reinz® sealing technology.